Monday, June 29, 2009

My Five Successful gardening ploys for 2009

This idea came from a great blogsite I found while doing the "Great Problogger teach-in" this year. Tod's upside down planter has had a great following on the net for years and now I spot that Lakeland Plastics have a kit in their catalogue.

This cost me nothing; just stuff I had around - please note I have used a smaller bucket to Tod's idea.

I used the same plants in the same compost planted the same time in very hot southern Spain. The upside down planter has won hands down. Still not sure why it is so successful - airflow? gravity? Photo taken June 30th.

My other ploy this year is to use broken down prickly pear and old newspapers in a trough in my veggie garden before planting my melons, courgettes and pumpkin.This really seems to have held the water in the soil. Despite up to 40deg Centigrade we actually have something to show for the summer.

I have finally been convinced that raised gardens are a must and our September bed is now in preparation assisted by horse manure from a local riding school. Should be nicely ready for our winter plantings.

Being somewhat disabled I have come to love an old tool beloved of people around here - the Spanish hoe. Somehow with its shorter handle and heavy metal wide blade you can get some real force behind your controlled swing.

I have ordered an interesting gadget to help propagate trees and bushes which are expensive purchases and often have a heavy carbon footprint. Just so irritated that this is made in Spain and I cannot find a supplier other than an American one for this but in the long run I hope save.

It is a rooter pot and seems to be similar to the portuguese air layering system . I am grateful to Hannes on the Pete Beale Rose Community forum for this one.

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