Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beauty and the Beast and gardening in Austria

A wonderrful trip out in Carinthia to Burg Hoch Osterwitz during my recent visit to Austria reputed to have been the inspiration for the film  Beauty and the Beast'. One can see why.   The castle has 14 towers each with a different mechanism to pass through to reach the top. So woebetide any enemy trying to take this little baby!  This little burg sits in the middle of farming country and echoes of a working farm can be found all around the base. The heavly blossoming apple trees were also heavy with mistletoe something I see a lot of in this part of Austria.

The castle's barn or bauhof

I loved this pretty garden at the converted bauhof where there is a mix of flowers and vegetable growing and how about this -  diagonal planting.

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Jamie said...

I'm amazed at how the castle resting on top of the mountain makes the whole scene so much beautiful. It would be so refreshing to live here because of all the trees surrounding the castle. The barn caught my eye most because of its structure. The flowers in the garden look lovely too.

Jamie Keifer