Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Art of Gardens

Monet's gardens at Giverney north west of Paris, France has millions of visitors every year from every corner of the world. I know - I saw them! Put on a show of his artwork anywhere and people will flock to see it. The image of his waterlilies can be found everywhere. Fewer people make it ever to see the startling originals at the Orangerie in Paris - a mistake believe me. On a much smaller scale are the Stannards - a whole family of artists who painted19th century watercolours of gardens and rural landscapel #Harry Lilian Emily for starters. I have a small study of dog roses by Lilian seen here which would have been used for a bigger painting.

I vaguely rememrber seeing a picture of a walled garden with a group of roses such as these painted by her. She lived in London, Emily painted in the Bedfordshire area. But Henry (Harry) is the most famous.. Consider then the art of ceramics. Portmerion for example, Royal Worcester, Meissen and other European copyists. The flower is represented over and over again. In the case of Susan Ellis 's work for Portmerion one even learns the latin names. Not called the Botanic Garden for nothing.

Over the years I have collected a few other interesting
images of the
.Here is another of my favourites. I still havent identified the initials - who cares? I love it and sets the tone for this blog.

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